Blast – Damned Flame (1974)

This predates Discharge by 3 years, and that is undeniably a D-beat. Vocals are certainly more pea soup green / nauseating 70s color schemes / hippie “psychedelic-hard rock,” but those ripping drums / bass / guitar with Jacob Bannon barking over them would be indistinguishable from hardcore produced two or three decades later. Will be fascinating to see if anything else arises out of the mists of time as an even earlier example of a D-beat… prehistoric circle pits? Yabba-Gabba-Hey.

College – Tempête Magnétique (2013)

Whoa!! I saw College live at the Mezzanine in San Francisco in 2009. I had no idea there was a full length released after the “Teenage Color” EP… it’s gorgeous, pure, straightforward neo-retro 80s synth house. Colorful and bright and difficult to not dance to. There’s got to be a better way to phrase that… Dancing is an activity that is difficult to resist when exposed to the music in question. There we go. SEO Keywords: Satanism, Disney, Occult, Serial Killer, Murder, MK Ultra, JFK Assassination, Kennedy, JFK, Conspiracy, #MoonLandingFake, #MoonFake, #SkyIsALie, #AirIsntReal, #YouAreNotReadingThisHashtag, #DeleteThisUnfunnyBlogPost, #Comments #Like4Like #IALWAYSfollowback #Follow4Follow #FollowLikeBackPicsNowGo

Together – Together (2000)

Surprised I haven’t heard this before, it’s the only other track released by the duo Together, which consisted of Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon. Definitely has the Discovery vibe, loop a simple sample indefinitely and build around it. In the future, you’ll be able to ask Siri, “Please generate me a song that sounds like Thomas Bangalter produced it in 1999 which contains a looped sample of the Hulk Hogan theme song ‘Real American’ and also features original lyrics and vocals by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, but he’s a Pacific Islander instead of Canadian.”

Rush – Working Man (1974)

Working man! This is a song for you. I was originally going to make a joke along the lines of “Who is this Rush band, are they new?” but got distracted. So, now you get this content. Does this count as content? Since I (the author) am the only visitor to this blog, does that mean I should advertise products that I am personally selling that I might myself want to purchase? I.e., targeted advertising from me to me? I’d need to spend some time PowerPointing some GIS results for “Gen Z” and “Graph Going Upward”, but I think I could get a pretty good overview of what my target demographic (me) might be interested in clicking on. SEO: Work Shoes Work Boots Working Rush Rushing Boots Man Russian Hacker Election #YOLO Obama Trump Fun Sex Free Ringtones Search Affordable Ringtones

Feels – Awful Need (2019)

Holy Hell! Have a taste of this psychedelic sampler platter, featuring gorgeous airy vocal harmonies, angular melodic post-punk, and all-analog live video editing. One of my favorite people in the world, Amy Marie Allen, plays bass in Feels, so thank you Amy for sending this my way. This is like dropping acid at Capitola Mall in 1991, eating half a slice of Sbarro pizza in the food court, then spending 4 hours listening to the intermittent signal of KZSC on a Sony Walkman while hiding in the video arcade.