Thomas Bangalter – Outrun (1995)

I still think it’s funny that Thomas Bangalter’s name contains the key string ‘bang.’ ‘Banger’ has become a somewhat popular term to describe a song that hits super hard, i.e. has an aggressive beat and impactful / punchy sound, typically used in the context of electronic dance music. This track is a banger, produced by perhaps the reigning king of bangers. Bangers. Bang!

Thank you Dave Bunting for sharing this one with me. Disregard the ‘sexi EDM lady’ image, this track rules. It makes me want to pump iron in a gym where everyone (including myself) has a greasy 1987-style curly-hair mullet.

D.R.I. – Hooked (1987)

The mystery of the origin/inspiration for “At Doom’s Gate,” also known as E1M1 of DooM (the 1993 first-person shooter), gets more encrunked. Didn’t expect DRI to get roped into this. One time I was listening to DRI’s “Dealing With It!” (1985) in my apartment alone, started moshing much like the DRI logo character, and kneed myself directly in the face. It caused a black eye. DRI is dangerous music and I should be euthanized for the good of society.