Steve Earle – Copperhead Road (1988)

Cool. The lyrics are about this super poor guy from rural Tennessee whose father and grandfather were both bootleggers; he enlists in the military and gets sent to Viet Nam, then when he gets back he grows weed and sets booby traps for the Feds using his knowledge he acquired from the Viet Cong. Then an ice dragon named Krallnar visits his marijuana plantation and he defeats the ice dragon using a sword made out of magma, called the FireBlade. I made up the part about the ice dragon. Or did I? (Yes, I did.) This song has been described as “alternative country” and “power twang.” Power twang!!

The Whispers – Keep On Lovin’ Me (1983)

There’s loads of great new music being produced these days, but I’ll send this song/video in to bat against any of it. It’s weird to me that 1987 is starting to look more like 1977, but hey, that’s what happens as you rocket down the life-road towards death.

CORRECTION: This original post said this song was released in 1987; it was actually released in 1983. I guess that makes it slightly more understandable why it looks so 70s-esque, but only by 4 years. Whatever. Song still rules and there are some seriously twizzled synth dribbs herein.