Gay Against You – Hairy house (Dolby Anol’s Hairy Haus Dub) (2011)

Holy shit…. as if the original “Hairy House” by Gay Against You wasn’t enough. I’m generally skeptical of any long titled “remix” and typically picture some lazy douche dropping a “trance” beat on an existing song and calling it a day. But that is not the case here. This sounds like playing Mega Man 2 while consuming Russian street drug “Krokodil,” which seems appropriate since it’s (apparently) from Central Europe. Central Europe: Europe’s Detroit.

Dual Jams

Why not post this little badass. One of the best unheard rock songs I’ve ever heard. And now for some high school nostalgia:

I think my buddy Jon (of Normal Like You) played with these guys in high school. What a wild time that was. It actually wasn’t but I was younger, so that’s exciting… uhh…. Go Presidential Candidate and Sport Team.