2 sample-able JimmJammies

Take a gander at that second track, namely the first like 7 seconds (that was not a reference to the band 7 Seconds). Tell me that isn’t already a hiphop beat… if it ain’t then it oughta be (y’hear’m’). I haven’t listened to more than .9 seconds of that first track but those of these came to me about 3 minutes ago via my friend Johnathan, so given I trust his opinion and taste, Crennd.

Bloglink SocialCast DJ Startup (Viral Edition)


My buddy Eric B. … no, that’s too obvious… we’ll call him Mr. Bettencourt, just showed me his buddy’s blog. Take a look at that (I haven’t). What I have seen is homeboy tying synthesizers with Marxism, and that alone warrants a read. I read so little these days that I barely even read what I’m writigg0rgjjasa og0r gr0033–gkkab9953 , h0

AFX – [unscrupulous software name] (2005) + Bonus! (1983)


EDIT: Google freaked out because the song title of the AFX song had a badguy software name on it. Hopefully de-crumpening it will chronomagulate my Data-Rons.


Speaking of the Roland TB-303 (which we weren’t), check out this interesting Smiths’y “post-punk” Scottish jam from 1983. The bassline is on the 303. The band is/was called Orange Juice and look at how utterly flabberghasted the old biddies on the streets of Glasgow are when they see these unconventional youth wearing outlandish garb.