The Zeros – Wild Weekend (1978)

Radical. There is something about the music that came out of 1978-1981 that’s really alluring… I feel like it has to do with my perception of that time period as being past the post-stoned haze of the 1970s but before the ultraplastic cocaine sheen of the 1980s, so in other words, a brief moment of clarity and sobriety in American culture. Even clothing styles and hair seem markedly simple and utilitarian.

Nostalgia is weird. I have a weird nostalgia for the worst parts of my life (prior to present). Being human is weird. Consciousness is a trip, the fact that I am a sentient being is pretty weird — I am compelled by an unknown force to twiddle my fingers and write these words, posting to a WordPress blog that I will probably be the only person to read unless some 27th century Robo-bop-shoobang develops a massive crush on me and scours the ancient archyves of the “Inter – Net” to learn all it can about me, and then attempts to recreate me using a 4D printer.

There’s this concept about a boat, called the Ship of Theseus, which basically says if you have a boat, and replace one single piece of wood on that boat with another piece of the same size / shape / weight etc., you could generally say it’s the same boat; but if you went piece-by-piece and eventually replaced every single piece of wood on that boat in such a fashion, could you even say that it’s the same boat?

I’ve heard that your body completely replaces all of its cells every 7 years or something like that — I could Google it but jeh — so anyways, are you still that same person? How is it that memories are saved even when the matter itself is constantly being moved in and out? How are memories stored in the brain?

It’s 2013, but only for a while longer. Technology seems to be getting crunker and crunker, but despite Aubrey De Gray’s optimism, your conscious experience may be limited and the clock may be ticking.

Future of comedy

I guess Idiocracy sort of covered this territory already, but since that movie is like an SNL skit — overly long and completely runs out of steam about a third of the way through — I gotta give it up to my peeps in The State.

BoNuS v!d!!

Xiu Xiu covering Queen’s “Under Pressure.” Just a solid, solid jam.

EC8OR – Cocaine Ducks (1995)

This EC80R track is noteworthy because apparently the entire record was produced with a Commodore Amiga 500 and a microphone — awesome. Pretty damn cool considering the box had 512 KB of RAM (1 / 8000th of 4GB, which is a low-end MacBook these days) and a 7.17 MHz CPU, which is roughly the processing power of a Food Processor. But you can’t make hummus with an Amiga 500, just awesome MOD / S3M format songs that will take you back to your days of playing MegaZeux on the Packard Bell and jizzing in your khakis to dial-up modem pornography while your dad was passed out watching David Letterman a few feet behind you.

Screenshot from OctaMED, a popular music tracker for the Amiga computers.