An ode to x|k

x|k: mysterious, unknown, obscure, un-googleable, champion of the chiptune, genius. i’ve been listening to your midiNES demos for over a decade now, and they’re still some of the most outstanding pieces of electronic music i’ve ever heard. that’s the thing; you aren’t just a genius who hacked into the brain of the nintendo entertainment system and made it produce the most ungodly electronic emissions it was never meant to produce — beyond that, you are truly a master musician in your own right. “outra” is an absolutely stunning, riveting, thrilling opus of driving chip-trance; “last 64k” is haunting, beautiful, and evokes the feeling of soaring at hypersonic speeds through a massive neon-lit cosmic void; i sampled midines_demo_9 in a song i did called “sitcom city dream” and as recently as tonight i was listening to an unfinished track wherein i sampled your midiNES kit drum-by-drum. even your website is pure class, to this day stylistically lightyears beyond everything else in terms of design, colors, angles, proportions, everything. x|k, you’ll probably never read this because google logic interprets your name as ‘x OR k’ but thank you for all you do, you are a true inspiration to me.

The ‘Tone – Bullshit (2001)

Simply shocking cyclical UK street punk. This record came out in November, 2001. With the World Trade Craters still smoldering, perhaps the world wasn’t ready to process music as energetic and upbeat as this. I think American culture was still in a deep shock at that point, followed by vengeance, then denial, then sadness, then finally by the time Obama was elected people forgot the World Trade Center even existed. “Loss of innocence.”

Small Brown Bike – Now I’m A Shadow (2002)

So here’s the deal, there’s a much more raw version of this song, presumably a demo, that appears on the 2003 No Idea compilation The Shape of Flakes to Come (‘No Idea’ if that’s supposed to be a Refused reference, jazz reference, H.G. Wells reference, or comedy 4th option reference), but this song is still a fucking ripper. The comp version is better though. How is it that sometimes shittier = better?