Surfer Blood – Neighbor Riffs (2010)

sometimes i don’t even feel like a human being, just a lump of meat/hair/bone/fluids that functions as a conduit for information. the “meaning of life” is essentially to pass on your genetic information… good luck with that. i am presently a pretty hard determinist and i don’t see much room for “free will” in the clockwork of the universe. but the question of whether free will exists or doesn’t exist doesn’t significantly change my conscious experience. i still have to put my shoes on, and it still feels like “me” putting on “my shoes”… i’m going in circles here, also i don’t believe that anybody actually reads this blog, i use it so i have a place to cache cool music that i want find and want to revisit, as well as talk about stupid shit like this to an unknown audience of nobody. having said that, have a great 2014.