Blondie – Hanging on the Telephone (1978)

another brilliant punk-powerpop-rock gem from the mythical golden era of 1978 – 1982. originally written by the nerves from LA in 1975, it’s weird to compare the production of the two records. the’y’re separated by only 3 years, but the nerves’ version feels like it hails from the 1960s whereas blondie’s sounds like it’s visiting from the 1980s in a delorean. subtle nuances in the fidelity and texture = tyme travelle.

The Nerves – Hanging on the Telephone (1975)

A 7th century Roman chant to provide further historical context.

Karen – Live @ USE Fest 2013

ultra radical. part mission of burma, part devo, part minutemen, multi-headed postpunk hydra “karen”. saw a flyer for “use fest” at the knockout, 1 block from my room, positioning “use” as basically neo-anarcho-punk ideology, but i cant find anything more about it online. this band is rad.