Liam Howlett – The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One (1999)

I never thought I’d get into mixes, but they really get me going these days. It also doesn’t make much sense that I had any aversion to mixes, since some of my earliest musical obsessions were the Fat Wreck compilations. I like that it’s an album length and you get a ton of diversity — sounds and thoughts and ideas and audible-visions (synasthaesea without the condition) from people all over the planet, each with their own internal universe and unique take on life. Extra bonus points for super well-done and cohesive transitions between tracks, which this Liam Howlett has in spades. So many common expressions that I don’t question. “Has in spades?” What? I almost used “gets my goat” at the start of this blog entry. In addition I feel like writing public blog entries reduces my mysticism and mystique, what a funny concept. My rock star idol is Xavier de Rosnay (even though Cool Cats was disowned by Jus†icE, it’s still my favorite mix of all time). I just asked Jeeves if he had a blog, doesn’t seem like it. but he does a lot of interviews and is also evidently a really sweet guy. Also Busy P if you’re reading this I handed you a prototype copy of Bro Montana’s Defense on a CDR at the Mezzanine in 2009, still haven’t heard back. 😉 Just kidding, much love and thank you for the years of great music and great memories.

Underwire: Just because we’re at the Rock the Rabbit party, I have to know, who is the bigger playboy, you or Gaspard?

Xavier de Rosnay: It’s such a casting mistake. Because tonight it’s like MGMT, who I think are playboys. There’s like Moby, I mean Mo-motherfucking-by, who I think is the biggest playboy and gangster on Earth. So that’s a good choice, no? But we are Christian boys. We were just like, “Wow, this is going to be a great opportunity to let people believe we are playboys and cool guys.” But actually we are just, like, fucking dorks.