Guided By Voices – Break Even (1993)

Dampen the camps! After seven continuous years of listening, GBV never ceases to amaze me with a deep cut, which is about 90% of their catalog. This has high production values for the Vampire on Titus era, and is the most prog / technical GBV song I can think of right now. I’ve was planning on writing some GBV mega blog post after seeing them at the Regency Ballroom a few weeks ago, but I had “Official Ironmen Rally Song” stuck in my head for an entire week afterwards, which was a pretty amazing length of time to spend at the Top of the Pops in my mind. I am not one to stand by a band’s side if they start sucking (known as the Weezer Principle), but by the second encore GBV and their wacky Simpsons-esque band had won me over yet again. Someone tell me why!!!

Uno Moralez

I’ve had a similar image on my computer / essentially also in my mind for years, one of a dude who’s jacked in to a cyberPyramid eyeball hypervideogame. Don’t know why I’d never reverse image searched it to find the artist, a Russian who goes by Uno Moralez. Best visual art I’ve seen in 2014.