Black Merda – The Psych Funk of Black Merda (2006, rarities compilation)

“Merda” is a Portuguese slang term for “shit,” and indeed, this record is the SHIT. It’s kind of funny I just randomly stumbled across this an hour after the Ferguson/Michael Brown verdict, as the aggression and energy and rage seem like the perfect soundtrack to the demonstrations across America right now. This record is super functional music… glad I found it. I give money to homeless people and rarely litter.

Bram Tchaikovsky – Girl Of My Dreams (1979)

I think the #1 most popular topic on this blog, going on 5 years now, is the Mythical Modern Music Golden Era, spanning from 1978 to 1982. The Nerves’ “Hanging On The Telephone” (1976) anticipated the Golden Era by 2 years, but was still too ‘AM Gold’ / classic 70s rock for the Golden Era. Blondie cleaned up the production on her 1978 cover, and boom, Golden Era: driving, dynamic, multi-layered mid-tempo power pop, dry production (as opposed to saturated with effects), and shimmering optimistic musical clarity. By the time Minor Threat disbanded in 1983, music was already either distorted by the hardcore movement, or being super overproduced — drenched in effects, incorporating new digital production gear, and oh yeah, cocaine. This Bram Tchaikovsky track is right there in the sweet spot. I swear you can hear the division between the 1970s and 1980s in Golden Era music, and there is something unmistakably utilitarian and optimistic about it. Like Ronald Reagan said during his 1984 campaign, it was morning in America.


It’s ironic (I think) that I’m concerned about the procrastination which runs my life (to some degree), so how do I choose to address it? By procrastinating, reading (actually barely skimming) an article about procrastination; then by further procrastinating, adding this to memogo and then to the front page of, in an effort to be constantly reminded of my procrastination (so that I might somehow hopefully behave differently in the future.)

Rogue Wave – Endgame (2004)

This one’s been hiding in the fray for a long time. I actually thought it was something besides Rogue Wave when that opening melody first came on, like I had seen it in a made-for-MTV movie in the mid-early 2000s, or that it was The Decemberists. Alas, nay. How funny would it be if years from now the only band I listen to is Rogue Wave. I guess it’s better than Less Than Jake. Bonus somber pleasant video on this Starr Shippee’s birthday Monday. (before the break.)

Hikin’, fishin’, skatin’, and mountainin’. What a way to be. Tahoe is a secret majestic treasure of the world Earth.