Masters at Work – Alright Alright (1987)

That first synth line sounds like it could have been produced with a Casio CZ Cosmo Synthesizer, although many pre-90s digital synths can produce similar timbres. This seems to get classified as house, but due to the stuttering, syncopated kickdrum (instead of a kick on every downbeat), I would describe this as electro, maybe even classic electro, as opposed to any conscious “neo” electro or electro-house.

MF DOOM – Arrow Root (2001)

Nas flows circles around my head on Illmatic, so while lyrically I consider him neck-and-mask with DOOM, DOOM’s productions put him ahead of the pack. This is my favorite moment on Kutmah’s London Boiler Room set, so imagine my surprise to find out it’s none other than the SuperVillain. Milk and honey for your ears.

Nils Frahm – Live @ La Route du Rock (2011)

Very cool sequence of noises. Good for trying to focus on your day job, or trying to do anything, as difficult as that may be at times. BONUS: “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” by Van Halen, no embedded video or anything, just wanted to give that thought to you, free of charge, as a fun surprise. It was a free gift, meaning that you must be happy upon receiving it, as gifts are good no matter what — same with bonuses.