MC Miker G & DJ Sven – Holiday Rap (1986)

To avoid infringing copyright, the producer of this track recorded a nearly identical cover of Madonna’s “Holiday.” So, it’s not a Madonna sample, technically. It’s so close though — wouldn’t be surprised if MC Miker G & DJ Sven got hit with a couple cease & desists. Though I don’t think Madonna’s had that super goofy sampled “doouh doouh doouh doouh” ModPlug-style melody, and the female voice sounds more like MC Miker G’s younger sister than Madonna. Celebrayee!

Rainbow Team – My Darling (1982)

Here’s a sequence of noises, with a tempo roughly twice that of the average human’s resting heartrate, that somehow implores you to “groove” — to move your body in sync with the series of sounds. Why this happens, I don’t really know, but scientists have recently suggested various things. I dedicate this blog post to scientists. I know, that’s a pretty major honor to bestow/receive, but somebody’s gotta do it.