Mega City Four – “Miles Apart” (1987)

It’s amazing how contemporary this sounds — I would have expected this to come out of a band today, but alas, 28 years ago dudes were doing this. Crazy stuff. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, when it comes to rock music and all its variations, the English are truly the kings (and Queens, God Save them). The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Buzzcocks, Iron Maiden, The Fall (lol), Radiohead, The Darkness, and so on.

Zero Wing – Stage 4: Aquese (1989)

May this uplifting FM synth-rock track never perish from the Earth. This song is like a magical spell that gets me fucking amped for pretty much anything at all. I’M RUNNING FOR CONGRESS!!! Side note, this Japanese game (Zero Wing) became massively popular about a decade ago because of its notoriously terrible English translation, spawning one of the earliest internet memes, “All your base are belong to us.” Still never played the actual game, though I’ve played plenty of indistinguishable side-scrolling space shooters (I owned Super R-Type for the SNES). Does this song get you excited to murder virtual aliens / robots?


Listen to this shit man. Some random chill Japanese dude was listening to a ton of visual kei glam rock and melodic punk / Def Leppard / Iron Maiden in the late ’80s, somehow landed a job producing soundtracks for Sega space shooters, and wrote insane melodic metal like this. So good. I wonder if the soundtrack designers ever Google themselves to see what people think about their old music. Zero Wing composer, if you’re reading this, your music is fucking awesome. You might need to use Google Translate to decipher what I’m saying here, and even then don’t expect to grasp the full meaning. I predict Google will become self aware within 15 years.

COLOR – “Sandbag Baby PV” (1988)

My life is overall very good right now and I thankfully I don’t feel depressed, but ultimately, I’m stoked that eventually I’ll be dead. Unless some crazy singularity occurs and I get to live in a virtual world where all my craziest dreams can be experienced, and all my friends and family and I achieve biological immortality through advanced technology, and the mechanics of the mind are so thoroughly understood that you can trace a thought to its origins and truly decode what it is to be human and why we behave how we do, and perhaps then we set about on the grand challenge of exploring the known universe (and beyond?), I anticipate a neverending parade of novelty tacos, ‘retro’ brand revivals, increasingly crowded and unaffordable living spaces (filled with impatient, hostile, inconsiderate idiots), and Vine videos made by highly vloggable teenagers, while I sit in front of my computer hypnotized by the near infinite tsunami of music, information, commentary, history, opinion, data, and what-not available on the internet, wishing that my stars had aligned and I could be touring the planet with one of the 20 or so bands I’ve been in, instead of struggling to find the energy to physically move my body and/or focus for longer than 5 minutes at a time on anything. Peace. The extreme run-on sentence two sentences ago was brought to you by