Neon Indian – “Annie” (2015)

Man, this is so clean. This is like an Artificial General Intelligence 7th grader was tasked with producing a song that summarizes the global culture of the 1980s in one song. On a side note, I legitimately have no idea how most bands, artists, and musicians, including ones you’ve heard of and ones you haven’t, can afford to play music. I guess if I didn’t spend the last half decade living in the two most expensive cities in America maybe I’d have some extra scratch for scratching vinyl records and $7000 compressors, but hey, stuff.

Milk Music – “No, Nothing, My Shelter” (2013)

What a solid piece of driving, melancholic sunset post-punk, a thank you to rock n’ roll music for being the timeless ally it is. The video was shot on a Super-8 camera in Joshua Tree National Park, a gorgeous desert outside of Los Angeles, and this video only partly does justice to how gorgeous the place really is. If you can find yourself camping out there on a clear night during a full moon, you may feel the desert come alive in a magical, mystikal (the hip hop artist) way.