Yamaha CS5 + Kenton Pro Solo MK2

My posting this here is very dangerous to my personal finances, as I have been eyeing the Yamaha CS synths for well over a decade, and currently you can pick one up for the same price as two of the (extremely underwhelming) Korg Volca synths — or less! — and adding the MIDI-to-CV Kenton Pro Solo MK2 gives you MIDI sequencing control over this badboy, in addition to it having a full-size 3 octave keyboard… oy vey. In debt thousands of dollars. But to finally have a Yamaha CS in the arsenal… difficult times in the world of discretionary debt-based money havers.

Black Riot (Todd Terry) – A Day In The Life (1988)

Not only is this truly classic house music from 1988, but that is so obviously FM synthesis at 1:58, and almost certainly a Yamaha DX-7 (or any of the DX series really). I feel like I’ve used that patch before. If not, it’s highly reminiscent of the obscure MS-DOS game God of Thunder being played through an AdLib / SoundBlaster card powered by a Yamaha FM chip. Stuff: It’s Cool!

Yamaha PSS-470 MIDIfied UMR2

Not only is this exciting because the Yamaha PSS-470 features the same FM synthesis engine responsible for your favorite AdLib / SoundBlaster jams in the early 1990s, but there’s a damn MIDI retrofit for it. The PSS-470 has a couple sliders on-board for tone variation, which is a nice touch, no pun intended. Also, this random demonstration song (the PSS-470 controlled by an Ensoniq) is truly gorgeous. Great job.