Sheer Mag – Fan the Flame (2015)

I love the decision to go with what sounds like a drum machine (and possibly a super cheap one) for the rhythm on this one. Super ripping guitar solo. Great mid-fi production. The vocals are a tad grating to me, but not enough to really detract from the whole experience. That “single high-octave root or fifth note every quarter note” motif featured here can also be heard in Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” Justice’s “DVNO,” and of course the ever-popular “Livermore Girl” by some prototype incarnation of Life B4 Deth featuring J-RAM (and my all-time favorite flow of his, to boot). I will never be as cool and/or popular as I imagine I’d like to be, but I feel pretty good at present and I saw D4 last night — and I have rad friends who I love — so all is well in my world. Have a great day, Logan.

Nausea – Extinction (1990)

That unexpected reggae break in “Sacrifice”… could it be that the outro of Propagandhi’s “With Friends Like These, Who The Fuck Needs COINTELPRO?” shares the same DNA? Either way, here’s the current political efficacy of violent, loud, aggressive anti-capitalist crust punk:

The balayage hairstyle and visible-dangling-pockets American Eagle jorts are particularly strong statements against consumerism. Or maybe endless consumerism will somehow produce a utopian world, where endangered species and obliterated ecosystems are restored to their natural state, and where poverty (defined here as subsisting on less than $10 USD a day) is voluntary, as opposed to the default state for the majority of the world’s inhabitants. I doubt I’ll be around long enough to see, but I’ll certainly be around long enough to watch more deranged gunmen randomly shoot up American schools, deranged cops randomly shoot up dogs and 4-year-old girls because they “felt threatened,” deranged authoritarian Muslims randomly murder pretty much anyone for really any reason, and so on. Hey, it did happen — McWoooorld!!

:( aka Colon Open Bracket – Yeah Yeah (~2006?)

Nostalgia’s a weird thing. If I first heard this song today, I’d probably not be able to make it past a minute, having finally had more than my fill of chiptune in my life. Yet because I distinctly recall first encountering this song around 2005/2006, it is so permanently etched into my mind alongside my memories from that era: the victories, the heartache, the discoveries and setbacks, the state of global technology, the places and faces. (Although it was supposedly released in 2009 I absolutely recall hearing it on MySpace no later than 2006.)

Having said that, this and “Twin Chevron Action Flash” are still as melodic and emo (in the best sense of the term) as they were when I first heard them, and hearing this song again reignites those memories and makes me feel almost euphorically nauseous (albeit in a much milder manner than when I was 20), or rather, I can feel a subtle shiver in my core as I reflect on my past. And yet I can absolutely see how present-day me would despise this music, had it not already colored my past… anyways, I’m rambling. How you doing Logan?

Chris Hülsbeck – Turrican II: The Final Fight / Level 1-1, ‘The Desert Rocks’ (1991)

Got spooked for a second, thought I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint this song and find it online. It’s almost certainly been posted here before, but I doubt my readership (consisting of myself, Logan Bean once every half year, and Tyler B. maybe 2-3 visits total) will really mind. This is such an up-beat melodic virtual alien murdering synth pop jam. The ominous breakdown is the perfect contrast to the 80s aerobics-class zestiness, and I can find no fault in those gritty, punchy Amiga samples. Blast off!