Solid Space – Space Museum (1982)

Today is (I think) the first time I’ve ever heard the phrase “minimal wave,” but apparently it’s enough of a thing to warrant its own Wikipedia entry. I guess it’s mostly just minimal synth-driven music from the late 70s and early 80s, perhaps like Suicide just more melodic. I dunno, I feel like there are already a lot of genres that can be used to describe home-recorded non-technical thin synth music, but Minimal Wave it is. This record was regarded by some guy as the best minimal wave record ever. There also seems to be a trend to use retro samples of 50s space stuff, and there are definitely lyrics… basically it’s like Wire’s 2nd album that incorporated all the weirdo synth sounds but was still nowhere near as tight and satisfying as Pink Flag. Happy Holidays, Logan.

No Comment – Some songs from the ‘Downsided’ 7″ (2009?)

I recently asked an associate to define the genre “powerviolence” for me, having not fully decided myself. I think this music fits the bill. Lots of blast beats, occasional measures of hyper speed metal groove, no real melodic resolution and lots of dissonance/noise. And I guess according to “Wacky” Wikipedia, lo-fi recording fidelity is also a component of the powerviolence genre. But they also list The Locust as powerviolence, and if you’ve heard Plague Soundscapes you’d know it’s one of the most cleanly recorded and well-produced synth/grindcore freakouts of all time. Of all time! That Kanye reference was sponsored by Critical Hit CoolClub Supporter #152019, Marlena Bisconetti from Boca Raton, FL. Congratulations Logan!