CH3 – Fear of Life (1982)

Cool. Snappy, poppy hardcore, kind of reminds me of early Replacements at times. Right now I smell, look, and feel like a dumpster behind an Arby’s in Bakersfield on a shitty sunny day. Soggy cardboard, flies, the whole deal. Have a great day. You likely have experienced this life an infinite number of times and will experience it infinite more times. Oh well. So at one point I was Hitler, but I was also every person murdered in the Holocaust. Do I have any evidence of having lived previous lives? No. So why do I think it’s likely? I don’t know, just a hunch. Don’t really have a say in the matter either way, just thankful that I (try to) choose the path of good, evil is for suckers.


Hello fellow scholars, here’s another sicky recky from 1985. Thrash.