Cindy Lee – Model Express (2018)

Patrick Flegel’s post-Women nofi “pop” outlet. Very difficult to pin down; reminds me a lot of “All Tomorrow’s Parties” by the Velvet Underground and Nico, but covers more ground — there’s some rad synth soundscapes, and some pure dissonance. Has Spotify destroyed the concept of music being a physical product? Lot harder to make money on music once it’s an infinitely-copyable cloud-based commodity. Why are you reading this?

Sacrifice – Forward to Termination (1987)

Nine years ago, Propagandhi released “Supporting Caste,” which instantly became the only record I listened to for months on end. I knew that “The Banger’s Embrace” was about the dudes getting fuckin’ stoked on seeing Sacrifice on their reunion tour, but I didn’t realize the little sample at the beginning was plucked directly from a Sacrifice track:

How cool is that? Nearly a decade of loving that record, and I just uncovered a little secret hidden Easter Egg. Love that kind of stuff. Who do you think will be the President of the United States in the year 3018?

Crisis Of Conformity – Fist Fight! (“~1983”)

Could this be described as hyper-real hardcore punk? I.e., more real than the real thing? SNL had a skit recently where Fred Armisen gets his old band, “Crisis of Conformity,” back together at his daughter’s wedding. Even though the skit / band are fictional, the song they wrote for the skit is like 80s hardcore punk boiled down to its essential components — so it’s an artifact intended to sound like it was produced in the 1980s, but was written in the last few years. The skit is a simple recipe for slapstick wackiness, but the song itself holds merit. The only thing indicating this recording is recent is that the production value is far too clean for a typical shoestring budget early-80s punk 7″ EP. To really complete the effect, the drums would have to sound like cardboard boxes and the guitars would have to sound like chicken scratch stratocasters played through a transistor radio. Regardless, this song rips.