Cheetahmen (90’s Techno Remix)

In the 90s, some company made an unlicensed NES cartridge called “Action 52,” which contains 52 mini-“games.” If you have any experience with these kinds of offerings, they are 100% scams meant to fool the game-buying parents that buying one cartridge with 52 games is a better deal than buying 52 individual cartridges. Unfortunately, as is typically the case, all of the games are complete garbage and hardly qualify as “games.” The featured sub-game on Action 52 was called “Cheetahmen.” It was reportedly unplayable garbage (as expected), but somehow got a decent theme song. Somebody remixed the theme and it’s classic Mega Man techno-tronic action music. What will video games be like in the year 2118? Will Cheetahmen ever get the sequel it doesn’t deserve?

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