Rush – Working Man (1974)

Working man! This is a song for you. I was originally going to make a joke along the lines of “Who is this Rush band, are they new?” but got distracted. So, now you get this content. Does this count as content? Since I (the author) am the only visitor to this blog, does that mean I should advertise products that I am personally selling that I might myself want to purchase? I.e., targeted advertising from me to me? I’d need to spend some time PowerPointing some GIS results for “Gen Z” and “Graph Going Upward”, but I think I could get a pretty good overview of what my target demographic (me) might be interested in clicking on. SEO: Work Shoes Work Boots Working Rush Rushing Boots Man Russian Hacker Election #YOLO Obama Trump Fun Sex Free Ringtones Search Affordable Ringtones

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