Cool Band Now, – Badd Mann (2009)

In 2009, Logan Bean, Nick Green and I went apeshit on Tascam 4-tracks and recorded probably upwards of 300 songs between the four of us (including Ken Kouot). We assembled ~30 of them into an LP called “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Cool Band Now,” and decided to make a music video for what was arguably the worst, least-palatable song on the record. I think it sounds like a brattier/snottier “Cyclotron” by The Electric Eels, and I recall Ken enjoying it, but that’s besides the point. The point is, download YOUR free* ringtones! The lyrics are about this dream I had a couple years back where if you got oil accidentally splashed on yourself, you would turn into this Fonzi-esque “Bad to the Bone” version of yourself, rockabilly style, and then bounce around the city in a monster truck. Sick.

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