EC8OR – Cocaine Ducks (1995)

This EC80R track is noteworthy because apparently the entire record was produced with a Commodore Amiga 500 and a microphone — awesome. Pretty damn cool considering the box had 512 KB of RAM (1 / 8000th of 4GB, which is a low-end MacBook these days) and a 7.17 MHz CPU, which is roughly the processing power of a Food Processor. But you can’t make hummus with an Amiga 500, just awesome MOD / S3M format songs that will take you back to your days of playing MegaZeux on the Packard Bell and jizzing in your khakis to dial-up modem pornography while your dad was passed out watching David Letterman a few feet behind you.

Screenshot from OctaMED, a popular music tracker for the Amiga computers.

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