Charanjit Singh – Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat (1982)

Holy cow! This was a 1982 record produced by an Indian session musician that, although apparently completely flopping upon release and subsequently being forgotten, predicts most acid / house music by years. It still sounds extremely fresh.

Adding to the collection of classic roots of contemporary electronic dance music, here’s a solid slice of mid-80s acid house from Chicago:

Think of a classic house record and nine times out of ten you’ll think of Trax, although you may not realise it. ‘Move Your Body’? ‘Baby Wants To Ride’? ‘Washing Machine’? ‘Can U Feel It’? All Trax releases. ‘House Nation’? ‘Acid Trax’? ‘Your Love’? ‘We Are Phuture’? ‘U Used To Hold Me’? Yup, those too. (From Global Darkness)

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