An ode to x|k

x|k: mysterious, unknown, obscure, un-googleable, champion of the chiptune, genius. i’ve been listening to your midiNES demos for over a decade now, and they’re still some of the most outstanding pieces of electronic music i’ve ever heard. that’s the thing; you aren’t just a genius who hacked into the brain of the nintendo entertainment system and made it produce the most ungodly electronic emissions it was never meant to produce — beyond that, you are truly a master musician in your own right. “outra” is an absolutely stunning, riveting, thrilling opus of driving chip-trance; “last 64k” is haunting, beautiful, and evokes the feeling of soaring at hypersonic speeds through a massive neon-lit cosmic void; i sampled midines_demo_9 in a song i did called “sitcom city dream” and as recently as tonight i was listening to an unfinished track wherein i sampled your midiNES kit drum-by-drum. even your website is pure class, to this day stylistically lightyears beyond everything else in terms of design, colors, angles, proportions, everything. x|k, you’ll probably never read this because google logic interprets your name as ‘x OR k’ but thank you for all you do, you are a true inspiration to me.

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