Today’s lesson

Today’s lesson: always keep a backup of all your sensitive data — in fact, ideally keep 2 or more redundant copies of your data. The previous hosting company I was paying for decided they had no interest in hosting my data any more. They also decided it wasn’t important to give any sort of notification to the people who had paid for their services. So, assuming I can’t get any of that stuff back (which appears to be the likely outcome), those 4+ years of that zany information stream you loved so much (as well as all the mp3s, custom webapps, miscellaneous hoo-ha) are all gone.

Coincidentally, the very same week, I had TWO separate harddrives, filled with 15+ years of data (and without an additional backup!) crash on me, so in a lot of ways it’s almost as if the last 15 years of my life never happened. Obviously that’s a stretch, but fuck you.

It’s going to take a very long time to get everything back up to speed, but thank you to the roughly 7 unique visitors I’ve had at over the past couple years. It’s been a pleasure sharing what’s on my mind (to nobody), and I intend to continue doing so. This time I’ll be more proactive with the backups, though. 😉


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