Ghost in the Shell (1995)

I really got to get around to watching this film — it’s on my list of films that everyone else has seen but I haven’t and probably never will, which includes Supertroopers, Goodfellas, any of the Godfather films, any Star Wars film, any film that does not feature Steve Buscemi, and Sister Act IV: Allah ‘Bout Whoopi’s Missing Eyebrows.

I saw stand up comedy a couple nights ago in Oakland. Comedians say the phrase “you guys” frequently; it’s part of the current comedy formula. I think the Universe can probably be boiled down to formulae, simple formulae that produce complexity. That’s good news because if the formulas are understood, then we can apply them to our lives to make our lives better. It seems ridiculous to me that given the opportunity, we wouldn’t wipe out sadness, boredom, lethargy, disease. It might reveal that what you perceive as “free will” is anything but, but the tradeoff means nirvana. As in, free tickets to a Nirvana cover band’s show at Burnin’ Burro Studios in Livermore, California, circa 2004. All the attendees of this show will be slight variations of you — you born in Indonesia, you born as a black woman named Sharan, you with red hair and an affinity for Social Techblog Mobile Go SEO marketing social media keyword social strategy Adderall click here Viagra

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