Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (2010)

Send an AlmondMail to Dave Haberman, because this is the first time I am publicly and openly liking a popular song. I felt really proud of myself for being able to actually enjoy tripe like this, and I felt “human” despite the fact that the standards for physical appearance in this video are CGI level and people like this only exist in Urban Outfitters signage, and I felt like I was part of the subset of people who are actually capable of feeling not-misanthropy (aka most people). So I felt normal and up-to-date for once in my adult life. Then I realized this song was almost a half decade old. Looks like it’s back to the dying board!

Here’s a Converge track to even things out. Check out the Drumcorps minute-long remix of it from Grist, I didn’t realize at the time it was a remixed Converge song and it definitely helped my mind literally disintegrate. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean. You probably don’t. Well, you know what I mean.

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