Painful Realizationcast

I just had the funny, if not sad, realization that despite deriding television and not owning one for the past 6 years, my number #1 recreational activity for the past 6 years has been surfing the web, which due to the sheer amount of content on YouTube now, has presently devolved into essentially just watching TV. Granted, there are more than 500 channels… in fact it seems like there are infinite channels, certainly more information than any one human could consume in a lifetime. I read somewhere that every nanosecond, 5 billion people are uploading 100 million gigablocks of video content to YouTube. Soon, the vids will become self-aware, and hunt you down in an underground labyrinth, and will broadcast it on YouTube for all to cheer and place money on. However, if the sexy lady can use the card catalog sorting system, she will find the Digital Video Diskette that proves your innocence. However, you’ll need to jack into the satellite transponder. On the plus side, there’s a 14-pound pomeranian snoring loudly on the couch adjacent to me right now (I can hear him through my ear buds), so I can’t complain. #WhyAmIAwake

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