Guided By Voices – “Paper Girl” (1989)

Oh man, what a hoot. When I was at the height of my Guided By Voices obsession in 2010, I recorded my own 4-track acoustic guitar song, obviously directly inspired by GBV. And in a similar fashion as GBV I wrote lyrics about nothing, including the refrain/title of the song, “Paper Girls“. Lo and behold, 4 years later, GBV beat me to the punch, 25 years ago. Theirs is great, but mine has more lyric fuck-ups and will never be released. Take that, Bob!

! ! ! BONUS CONTENT ! ! !

BONUS CONTENT: There is too much Guided By Voices music for any one person to ever hear, but it’s always nice to see a late career victory like this one. They put out three, maybe four full-lengths in 2012. And amidst the flurry Tobin can still pull out a gorgeous, shimmering Minnesota minivan ride like this one. Those are some private synaptic associations which you will need a higher account to access.

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