Ballistic Kisses – Five O’Clock World (1982)

This is totally tubular. Thanks Doug Du Fresne. I would thank you on facebook where you posted this, but I’m placing my money on CRITICAL-HIT.ORG becoming the next facebook. It’s actually the best social network. You can read your friend’s dad’s crock pot updates by going to the post where he has claimed it as his “home post” (see official rules and laws of my private kingdom where I am God) and then he will sign the end of every update with his CCSUIDN(#) (Certified Critical-hit-dot-org Subservient User Identification (ID) Number (#socialnetwork). I swear early drum machines and sequencers were all drunk. I don’t know how else you can sequence synth blips and have them sound as endearingly off-time as in this track. Thanks for reading, Chris.

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