Macintosh Plus – Floral Shoppe (2013)

I don’t know much, but I’d tag this record as “vaporwave.” I also don’t believe anyone besides myself reads this blog, but in the unlikely event someone is reading this sentence and wants to know some information that is mostly accurate, there’s a term called “vaporware” that refers to software that was hyped up then never actually released. So “vaporwave” would seem to be the musical expression of that aesthetic, or of the mental image of vaporware — missed deadlines, 90’s corporate computer culture, elevator muzak.

Many of this video’s comments express strong opinions, often analytical verging on intellectual, and a common topic is how music like this somehow represents the death of a great empire (specifically the West and United States of the late-80s/early-90s). If anything, the record reflects uncertainty and interrupted thoughts, which I think anyone dealing with today’s deluge of information could identify with. Musically, I think it’s a logical extension of previous trends: sampling was championed by hip-hop, and avant-garde / consciously ‘artistic’ sound collage has a century of history. Incorporating these obsolete (or otherwise discarded) elements is now pretty easy using commonplace consumer-grade computer technology, so the glistening, inspired novelty presented by then-futuristic synthesizers and drum machines is now an archive of ancient artifacts ripe for remixing.

Overall Floral Shoppe is a pleasant listen. If you liked the song “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out, which everybody did and still does, there’s a lot of overlap between that track and this record. Unrelated shout out to all my peeps suffering from suicidal depression as I have in the past. I’ll relay to you something a good friend told me last year: “You don’t want to kill yourself man. A year from now you’ll be having the time of your life and you’ll be glad you didn’t.” He was correct and was also speaking from personal experience. Much love.

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