Smashing Pumpkins – For Martha (1998)

I bought this CD in 1998 because I liked the song “Pug” which I heard on Live 105.3 FM. Late 90s Livermore. This is the first Christmas I’m not spending at my parents’ house, instead in a slum in BedStuy, and this song sounds perfect right now. I’m basically hearing it for the first time, since the only Smashing Pumpkins song I ever recalled owning was “Pug” (I instantly forgot the rest of this record). Funny side note, I seem to recall getting “Pug” confused with “Eye” (off the Lost Highway soundtrack) and being disappointed when I finally got the CD home and listened to it. Merry Christmas.

EDIT: I just read the lyrics and realized this is Billy Corgan writing about his mother’s death. Ouch… definitely the first time I’ve felt legitimately homesick since moving across the country. But I video called my mom this morning and covered “Fields of Athenry” on acoustic while she sang along, so all is well in my universe. Thanks for stopping by. This uncomfortably personal blog post brought to you by Critical-Hit.Org.

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