No Comment – Some songs from the ‘Downsided’ 7″ (2009?)

I recently asked an associate to define the genre “powerviolence” for me, having not fully decided myself. I think this music fits the bill. Lots of blast beats, occasional measures of hyper speed metal groove, no real melodic resolution and lots of dissonance/noise. And I guess according to “Wacky” Wikipedia, lo-fi recording fidelity is also a component of the powerviolence genre. But they also list The Locust as powerviolence, and if you’ve heard Plague Soundscapes you’d know it’s one of the most cleanly recorded and well-produced synth/grindcore freakouts of all time. Of all time! That Kanye reference was sponsored by Critical Hit CoolClub Supporter #152019, Marlena Bisconetti from Boca Raton, FL. Congratulations Logan!

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