Rush – Working Man (1974)

Death approaches. First it will take your parents. It will reduce the strong, proud, capable people who watched over you, sheltered you, fed you, clothed you, and comforted you tirelessly for years to tired, physically weak shells of their former selves. Maybe dementia will destroy their minds, so you can watch your formerly bright and responsible parents struggle like infants with the basics of adult life. After years of observing your loving parents disintegrate slowly, finally there will be a release, and death will claim them. This leaves you alone on the planet, completely severed from the people who were your home. I suppose you’re expected to pass on your genes, consisting of depression and alcoholism, to kids of your own, so you can observe them grapple creating some synthetic purpose out of the apparent pointlessness of life, so they can watch you disintegrate as you watched your parents disintegrate. Alternately, you can end your life at any point you “choose.” (I put “choose” in quotes because when given enough suffering, suicide is the only known reliable option to the malfunctioning psychotic mind, the only escape for a brain-machine that has lost its ability to care for itself.) You can end your life at any point you choose. But death approaches regardless. So what’s the ‘Rush’?

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