Modest Mouse – Doin’ the Cockroach (1997)

Let’s all have another Orange Julius and listen to this song. (The previous sentence was a reference / quote of another Modest Mouse song, I can’t remember which one but I’m pretty sure it’s off “The Moon and Antarctica,” another Moddy Mouse reccy.) There’s this concept that “happy is s/he who detaches from the ego,” which I lifted from a book called The Philosophy Book, which itself is just a collection of 2 – 3 page long brief rundowns of various ideas and people throughout the history of philosophy. (My attention span is so short that I appreciate tiny nuggets of data that I can quickly parse and return to my life of seeking / sorting / browsing / ignoring information / doing not much.) The concept of “happiness = ego detachment” is attributed to Siddhartha Guatama, c. 563 – 483 BCE, eventually later known as simply the Buddha though I can’t determine when/where/why this change occurred. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

[Buddha] argues that nothing in the universe is self-caused, for everything is the result of some previous action, and each of us is only a transitory part of this eternal process — ultimately impermanent and without substance. So, in reality, there is no “self” that is not part of the greater whole–or the “not self”–and suffering results from our failure to recognize this. This does not mean that we should deny our existence or personal identity, rather that we should understand them for what they are: transient and insubstantial.

What a dollup of wisdom. Here’s what some guy named Dr. Kim on the internet has to say along these lines:

The more we detach from our egos, the greater potential we have to experience peace.

Don’t take it from me. I can only speak about my own experiences. But truly, the less time I spend in my own head comparing myself with others, and the less time I worry about my place in the world or how much wealth or success I have, and the more time I spend with my awareness in the present moment (i.e. what’s going on around me, what sounds do I hear, what sights do I see, how does my body feel), then the happier I am overall. It’s a beautiful and surprisingly peaceful and enjoyable way to live. Anyways, fuck you. This song is rad.

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